Parent reviews
This was my daughter's first year at Camps Canada. She enjoyed it so much that she didn't want to go anywhere else. The counsellors were great, the activities were fun. She saw old friends and made new one. Overall it was a great experience and she's definitely coming back next year. Put us on the list for any info once you have next years arranged. Thanks.

Both my kids really enjoyed their time at camp; they especially enjoyed the wave pool. They've asked if they can go to Camps Canada for a longer period of time next summer.

My children enjoyed the camp again this year. They had a good time and I noticed after Multi-Sport camp that they were more assertive on the soccer field which in this case is a good thing. I love how easy you make registration and all of that for parents. Thanks

My daughter asked me if she can go to Camps Canada again. She had great time in your camp. Thank you and all your staff for providing so much fun for the kids. We are very happy and planning to register our daughter in next years camp. Thanks.

Your team was positive and upbeat and the children adored them.

Both my sons had a fabulous time. It was their first camp experience and a very positive one. It certainly set the stage for future camp experiences. Your team was positive and upbeat and the children adored them. They also took the safety of the children very seriously which allowed my husband and I both to be worry free while at our jobs. Thanks.

My son attending the multi-sports camp in Barrhaven for 2 weeks in August. Prior to that, he had been at another day camp and one overnight. By far, he loved his experience at Camps Canada the most. For his 5th birthday this week, we asked him what he wants as a gift. His answer was to go back to Camps Canada! Although I found it hard to get him to tell me what he did all day (due to complete exhaustion by the time he got home), he did manage to tell me some of the fun and creative sports he played. He thoroughly enjoyed the field trips, the swimming at Walter Baker Centre, and of course the games like fireball and dodgeball and tennis baseball. Every morning he was at my bed by 6:30 telling me he was ready to leave. Nothing I could say was good enough to get him to understand that we still had 2 hours till we had to go! He really loved the staff at the camp which is something he has never really cared much about in the past. I never heard him speak of counsellors or even teachers for that matter, the way he did about his counsellors at Camps Canada. He will most definitely be back at camp next summer, and if it is up to him, this time it will be for more than 2 weeks! I would like to thank you for providing my son with such a positive experience and I would like to send many kudos to you and your staff for running such a top notch camp!

I sent my four-and-a-half year old to the last week of your camp and I was concerned that he might be too young. But he had a great time due primarily to the camp leaders and the other kids. Every one of the leaders was very approachable and seemed to really enjoy being with the kids. Thanks.

Our girls had another fantastic experience at Camps Canada. Your staff is always pleasant and interactive with the kids. Their enthusiasm was very evident each day/week. Many thanks for a wonderful summer!

I want to thank you for the efforts of your counsellors this summer. Our daughter was happy to go to camp every day, and spoke very highly of the staff. Whatever behaviour management programs you guys have in place really seemed to work for her. The activities kept her good and tired at the end of each day, and she (and we) looks forward to next summer at Camps Canada. Thanks again.

Our daughter enjoyed her 5th summer at your camp. She always looks forward to coming to your camp and meeting new friends. Next year she will be back again. She hopes to work at a camp like yours when she gets older. All I know is your camp helps make her summer enjoyable. Thanks again!

My kids had a great time once again at your Camp. My son especially could not wait to get there in the morning and was always sad to leave. He was starting to give me a complex!! Have a great year, thanks again for all the fun. The kids made some new friends. See you next year.

My daughters had a blast! It is the first time they have gone to anything other than a dance camp and they really enjoyed themselves. They had good things to say about the counsellors and loved going swimming everyday. Thanks to you and your staff.

I think that the week that my children spent at Camps Canada was the best camp week they had all summer - this is their assessment. As a parent I was very pleased with the courtesy and professionalism of the staff in the reception area for drop off and pick up. It gave me confidence in the organization and structure of the program.

My kids attended the last week of camp at Earl of March School (Sports camp) and had a wonderful time. I particularly appreciated having the lunch program and they had a ball each and every day. We will definitely be returning next summer and my daughter also wants to try the Craft camp. Thanks again for running a super camp.

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