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My daughter had a blast and made lots of new friends. She wants to go back next year and hopefully get together with some of the kids that went her week as well. Great camp!

Reports from the kids are that they LOVE it. Actually they were a little annoyed that we didn't have them in camp last week (grandparents were visiting). They are also annoyed that my husband tries to pick them up before 4:30. SO, I think they are indeed "happy campers". The kids have already informed me that they are going back next year.

Absolutely positive feedback. The first things my daughter said to me when I picked her up on Friday were "Hi Mom" and "Sign me up for next year". I have never seen her so enthusiastic about anything! She can ride the biggest and scariest roller coasters and never crack a smile so her excited reaction to camp was totally unexpected! Thank you so much for offering a camp for her age group. It's really hard to find one that interested her and was yet so affordable.

My daughter says her week at Multi Sport in Barrhaven was excellent. The activities were great as were the staff as well. Many thanks.

We had 2 children registered in your camps last week. One daughter was in the arts and crafts and the other attended Teen Camping. My youngest daughter is 7 and this was her first camp experience ever! She looked like the saddest camper on the Monday and you wondered if the kid would ever smile! She is so uncomfortable with new things and stands back for a while to really take everything in - she needs to know how every little thing works - well, each day she would come home and say "Camp keeps getting better every day!!" By the end of the week she had blossomed as she usually does after a while and won the "Most Improved Camper!!" Well, she was so very proud. I really credit your staff for being considerate of this. I was very impressed. I think the program was great and the competition of gorillas vs. the other groups was great. She will be back next year for sure - arts and crafts one week and full sports the next. The location was very convenient and the times were perfect. Thank you. My older daughter, enjoyed the week beyond words. Of course she did not want to go in the first place - not knowing what to expect - going without knowing anyone. As I drove her there the first day she was grumbling that she would be so tired by the end of the week and sulking.... The kid had the time of her life!! She finally believes us that sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and there are other friends out there to be made other than your little group from school. It was the best thing that she has ever done. She became competitive instead of being complacent - finally - it is fun to WIN.

She made some great friends - did a lot for her self-confidence and she will be there next year for sure!

She made some great friends - did a lot for her self-confidence and she will be there next year for sure! Your team is well trained, considerate, and we all enjoyed our time! Thank you for providing this great experience for our two kids.

My son really enjoyed the camp. We found the counsellors to be very friendly and all the activities well organized. I will definitely sign him up again and refer my friends.

My daughter found this camp to be the best she has ever attended. She said there were plenty of other children her age and this made it easy to meet new friends. The counsellors knew what interested the children and kept them busy and active during the day. She loved the meal plan, the trip to go bowling and the swimming each day. She would like to return next year and is intrigued with the Teen Camp. I found the camp very well organized: the website, the signing in process, the little details - like the fact I was able to sign her up for the lunch program on the Tuesday after I realized she would be interested after the first day, and the fact you are now asking for feedback. Because there were teachers there and because the counsellors seemed to know what to do and were active I had a sense of security. Thanks so much for all the good work!

My two sons completed a week of sports camp last week and they both loved it. They liked the Gator cup quest and all the new games they learned. I would send them again next year for sure. My impression was that it was well organized and the counsellors were definitely qualified and enthusiastic.

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter has been thrilled with the whole camp experience. She is having a blast and we will definitely plan to do this again next summer! We are so pleased that all the instructors are certified teachers. All the teachers with which we have dealt have proven to be pleasant and informed individuals, displaying a genuine concern and affection for my daughter. We were pleasantly surprised to see her come home with a t-shirt or cap each week. That was an added bonus! I was thrilled to learn that she has gone on field trips bowling and to the wave pool--all at the same price as it would have cost me to put her in her old daycare setting, but with the added bonus of outings and being able to socialize with the older children. The quality of the care and the experiences she has had have been great and I feel like I have gotten "great value for my dollar" to put it bluntly. She will undoubtedly benefit from interacting with new kids each week and I feel this will strengthen her social skills and help her overcome her shyness. Thank you for offering a wonderful, AND VERY NEEDED service for those working with school aged kids. It is nice to know that she is enjoying her summer.

My son had a great time at Teen Camp. He has made some good friends and is maintaining contact with them. Overall, the group had enough fun to decide that they all want to return next year and have been talking about making sure to stay in contact until then to ensure they all attend camp together next year. Thanks for all of the fun!!!

My son had a great time at Teen Camp. He enjoyed the week's activities and the company of other teens. The campers have continued contact by email, for now. He is definitely looking forward to this event next year. Thanks a lot.

My son really enjoyed his camp experience. He was at the Golf camp and says he learned a lot. No complaints from our end - good food, well organized and lots of fun. Thanks.

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