Parent reviews
Now that camp is over and the kids have returned to school, I finally have a minute to send you a quick note to let you know how much our son enjoyed Camps Canada. Your camp was highly recommended to us by many of our son's friends. It was everything they said and more. He had a fabulous time. We'll be back next year!!!

My son, now 11, has taken part in the excitement at Camps Canada since he was 8. Each summer he looks forward to a full week of a wide variety of sports. The enthusiasm of the counselors make his week a memorable one. We have since introduced this camp to neighbours who now attend every summer as well. He looks forward someday to be part of the Camps Canada Team. Thanks.

Our children have been attending (Camps Canada) for the past four summers. It is the highlight of their summer. More than once I have arrived "too early" to pick them up and have been asked to "come back" because they wanted to keep playing. Their favorite things are Olympic Day and playing the games that the Counselors have invented. On a parent level, it is quite obvious to us that Camps Canada is a true success, due to the personal attention and criteria that is used to select the Counselors. The Counselor's committment to the childrens' athletic and social development is paramount and evident in their interactions through sports. Congratulations Matt! Keep up the great work!

My son has been going to this sports camp since it started. Each summer he looks forward to the variety of sports and the enthusiasm of all the counselors. A great camp!!

THANK-YOU for making summer a time for the kids to be kids and for the parents to have absolute and total confidence when they drop their kids off for the day. I have recommended your camp to everyone that asks about summer camps in Kanata and will continue to do so. Thanks!

Congratulations! I think your camp is wonderful. Matt and his staff are very caring, understanding, and enthusiastic.

Congratulations! I think your camp is wonderful. Matt and his staff are very caring, understanding, and enthusiastic. Our daughter has been going to this camp for three years and looks forward to returning. She talked endlessly about her day's activities at camp. "Wow and Awesome" is how my daughter described it. Hope to see you next summer.

I cannot express my thoughts of gratitude. You have all been so utterly wonderful and respectful to my son. You have made my son smile again and have brought so much happiness and warmth to his little heart. The way you have surpassed your job roles amazes me. Thank you so very much.

A quick thank you to you and the staff at Camps Canada. My son is doing much better in school. There's something about physical activity and ADHD. The work you have done with my son has made a difference in his life. His teachers have noticed better concentration with his school work and this has helped him to enjoy school even more. God bless all of you.

Thank you again for taking the kids for the additional week. They had a great time at camp given it was their first camp experience. We can't say enough about the program and the special bonds that were made between the counselors and our children. It enable us to have a stress free summer, given we both are working full time. Much appreciated!

My daughter summed up her impressions of your camp as fun and good exercise. She is looking forward to next week and says she wants to return next year.

Once again we are very pleased with your camp. Many thanks, well done!

Lots of variety with good sports instruction and plenty of fun. All these make this a great camp.

This camp maintains a high level of professionalism. See you next year. Thanks!

My son is at a difficult age - too old for a baby-sitter, too young to stay home alone. This camp is the perfect solution.

This camp packs lots of fun and my child loves them all!

My daughter loved the counselors and had a ball.

This past summer was our son's third year at Camps Canada and his absolute best. Each day he was eager to get up and get to the Sports Camp. He loved all the sports, the outings to the Leisure Centre, the bowling alley and swimming in the pool each afternoon. At the end of each day he was positive it was the best day yet. And, he kept asking if he could attend for the whole summer. During his attendance he made many new friends and has enjoyed his continued contact with several of them since the summer. He is already talking about attending next summer. Our thanks to you for your great Camp.

My kids have been attending your summer camps for 4 years now and they love it. My son is a very busy boy and needs activity in order to keep him happy. He also thrives on positive attention. Your camp and counselors provided this and so much more. This is the only summer camp we have had our children at where we have not heard a word about bullying or fighting or disagreements that your counselors have not settled positively. I really believe that your policies and the positive, friendly and caring counselors are the reason for this.

My daughter loved your camp so much in the years she attended that she returned as a volunteer counselor to be a part of this amazing environment. She went back a second year and of her own volition volunteered her three weeks this summer as a counselor again. She is looking forward to next year and because of this positive experience wants to pursue a career in teaching. She loves all the staff and the kids. Her day flies by and she has learned responsibility, consideration and how to motivate. These are all qualities I am sure many parents wish their 14 year old daughters had.

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