Job Description - Camp Director

The Camp Director is the manager of one camp location

Their role is to run a camp location like a small business including customer relations, staff management and overall best business practices.

A Camp Director:

  • reports directly to the camp owner.
  • attends director training (on a flexible schedule) in the months leading up to camp.
  • oversees every aspect of the camp from start to finish.
  • manages a staff of teachers, counselors and volunteers.
  • delegates responsibility to others where appropriate.
  • is aware of individual camper problems and special needs, especially medical concerns and swimming abilities.
  • works two hours every Sunday printing off weekly lists for lunch, swimming ability, attendance, etc. in preparation for Monday morning.
  • does staff evaluations (both formal and informal).
  • is a strong communicator with campers, parents and any public partners established for the camp.
  • deals with injuries and emergencies if they arise.
  • speaks with parents on a daily basis.
  • manages any concerns as they arise.
  • sets a good example for all of their staff.
  • accepts long hours with not enough pay.

Required Qualifications:

  • You must have experience as a camp leader or leader of a team or staff
  • You are a certified school teacher or are currently completing Teacher's College.
  • You have a valid CPR Certificate (Level C) (before the start of camp).
  • You have a valid First Aid Certificate (Standard) (before the start of camp).
  • You have a valid Criminal Record Check (before the start of camp).

Desired Qualifications:

  • You've been a camper yourself.
  • You are a a strong communicator and not shy to speak with colleagues, campers and parents on a daily basis.
  • You are an enthusiastic, energetic and fun-loving role model.
  • You provide strong references that can't say enough about your positive attitude and strong work ethic.


  • 7:30am to 5:30pm (Monday to Friday)

Weekly Salary:

  • $640.00

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